Valery Fedorenko – WKC® Chief Advisor

Valery Fedorenko - WKC FounderValery Fedorenko - WKC Founder

Arnold gives VF the thumbs up!

Arnold gives VF the thumbs up!Arnold gives VF the thumbs up!

We have many historical moments when it comes to Kettlebells and we hope you’ll be a part of many more to come.

Not only does our founder Valery Fedorenko have over 27 years Kettlebell Lifting experience, ranging from general fitness to record breaking feats that still stand after more than 20 years, but he was also a first World Champion of the Sport of Kettlebell Lifting. That’s right! When they organized the FIRST World Championship, Valery Fedorenko was there and he won! He continues to inspire by breaking new records today.

We have also certified over 2000 Trainers and Coaches across the world, which is the most in what we call real Kettlebell Lifting. Here are just some of our most memorable and proud moments listed by year.

  • 1999 – Valery Fedorenko brings the first Kettlebell to America and becomes the first official Russian Kettlebell expert to step on U.S. soil
  • 1999 – Valery Fedorenko begins his quest to introduce Kettlebell Lifting to the Fitness Industry
  • 2000 – The first Kettlebell demonstration to the American public is performed by Valery Fedorenko
  • 2004 – Valery Fedorenko organizes the first Kettlebell Seminar with the Russian National Team
  • 2005 – Valery Fedorenko begins his Kettlebell Workshops revealing detailed high level lifting techniques to the public for the first time
  • 2006 – World Kettlebell Club® is founded by Honored Master of Sport Valery Fedorenko
  • 2006 – Valery Fedorenko takes Team America to the World Championship
  • 2006 – Valery Fedorenko makes ProGrade Kettlebells available to the public
  • 2007 – Valery Fedorenko begins his Kettlebell Lifting Coach Certification Course
  • 2007 – WKC® introduced their Sport Rank System, allowing the first people outside of the old Soviet System to achieve Kettlebell Sport designation.
  • 2007 – WKC® was the first to include One Arm Jerk and One Arm LongCycle for women, providing them with similar events to the men and a push/pull exercise combination.
  • 2007 – WKC® held the first ever World Kettlebell Lifting Championships™ in Miami, FL. bringing the first Professional Kettlebell Lifters to compete on American soil.
  • 2007 – WKC® guides its first Master of Sport (woman) and later in the same year guides the first man to Master of Sport.
  • 2007 – WKC® had 1 World Class Master of Sport (woman), and 3 Masters of Sport (1 man, 2 women), and numerous Candidates of Master of Sport lifters from America.
  • 2007 – WKC® held the first ever Kettlebell Training Camp. Several record breaking Kettlebell Athletes assembled for this groundbreaking event in Greece with participants from around the World.
  • 2008 – WKC® held its first ever “American Kettlebell Club® Classic” in Las Vegas, Nevada, inviting Absolute World Champion Ivan Denisov for a demonstration.
  • 2008 – WKC Introduced a new ranking system. This ranking system specified a low arm score, and a mandatory number of reps per lift for the Biathlon. It’s the first ranking system of its kind to build in a logical progression with different weights. This included introducing the 20kg for MS and MSWC Biathlon ranks for women and making CMS ranks for men with 28kg bells.
  • 2008 – WKC® released the Elite Fitness Protocol™, a systematic but flexible progression including 10 Kettlebell exercises with thousands of combinations introducing its Squad Based Kettlebell Training™
  • 2008 – WKC® launched the Master Trainer and WKC® Fitness Trainer License program. This enabled the foundational techniques and methodologies used by Valery Fedorenko to be communicated on a much larger scale and allowed the development of a more advanced curriculum for the WKC® Coach Certifications.
  • 2009 – The first two women Masters of Sport in LongCycle were awarded at the “2nd Annual American Kettlebell Club® Classic” in Las Vegas, Nevada. WKC® became the first the world to recognize and award this title to women.
  • 2010 – Absolute Champion and record holder of all 3 major lifts + more Ivan Denisov joins WKC®
  • 2011 – WKC® has another record breaking Training Camp with participants from 18 different countries
  • 2011 – WKC® at The World Kettlebell lifting Championship™ had the most qualified by rank lifters in America to date
  • 2011 – Valery Fedorenko introduced the VF Performance Kettlebell™ and a smaller version for lighter frames.
  • 2012 – Valery Fedorenko introduced the VF SuperHeavy Performance Kettlebell™, allowing heavier than 50kg at a reasonable price.
  • 2012 – WKC® introduces a revolutionary Ranking System that addresses flaws within the old Soviet System’s ideas for Kettlebell Sport.
  • 2012 – Ivan Denisov becomes the first male to compete with 40KG in biathlon at The World Kettlebell Lifting Championships 2012™
  • 2013 – The WKC® Pentathlon League is formed as a response to the growing popularity of Kettlebell Pentathlon.
  • 2013 – WKC® introduces the Precision Kettlebell
  • 2013 – WKC® introduces Fix-O-Meter™, the world’s first real-time quality enforcement tool for kettlebells.