KETTLEBELL SWING: Is the Hip Snap Bullcrap?

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Hip Snap BullcrapHip Snap Bullcrap

Valery Fedorenko uses his hips when he Swings. He doesn’t over exaggerate it though. Quads/Hams/Back are important with our Swing, and of course the hips move as needed. Snap? That term we don’t like at World Kettlebell Club. Let me stop right there and preface this with a statement. I’ve heard the arguments about hips generating all the power, so please don’t keep going with it. We want to talk about proof of power for a Kettlebell Swing, not anatomy and physiology. Besides, who said we don’t provide enough hip power for all kinds of applications and/or sports? There are those in our club I’d stack up against just about anyone in the world as far as hip power is concerned.

You are free to choose any exercise you deem fit, but we get lots of messages from people asking why the Swing VF does is so different than “the normal Swing” they see and use. We have a pretty big community these days, so there is a growing need to try to answer some of the typical “kettlebell school” disparity questions that come up in our Blog for easy reference.

Hip SnapHip Snap

A typical question to our Support Desk: “They say they generate more explosive power, and I see in their videos it looks and sounds really powerful! Why do you do it the way you do it???” The answer is not apparent. They totally don’t get that Valery Fedorenko mastered the Snatch, and someone say like Pavel Tsatsouline didn’t. But we’re talking about Swings right? I’m not off track. I know some might not want me to throw up that by 19 years old Valery Fedorenko was Snatching more with 32kg inside of 10 minutes than any human on Earth. It’s applicable because kettlebells are primarily about generating power over time, or Power-Endurance. Snatch is a clear test of this generation of power, as it’s not as easy to judge a Swing due to the nature of the exercise and variances. Valery Snatched as a Junior 100 reps each hand, one switch, with a 70 pound kettlebell. To do that, you need to master the portion where you generate most of the power, the Swing.

“Make kettlebell fly…”. I’ve heard Valery say it 1000 times. It is our opinion that anyone can generate more explosive power with his more powerful and athletic way. We prove our power and results by numbers, not by grunts and sounds of air and a visible snap in the hips.


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