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So called Kettlebell experts have created and labeled so many different Kettlebell Swing variations that things have become confusing, to say the least. There is the GS Swing, Russian Swing, American Swing, Two-Handed Swings, Double Swings, Towel Swings, Hard-Style Swings, Soft-Style Swings and the list goes on. How do you choose which one is right for you?

Valery Fedorenko, Chief Advisor for World Kettlebell Club, has probably done more Swings than anyone in the world. He once did 115 reps Swing (EACH HAND) with a 48kg/106lb Kettlebell, with only one switch of hands! Valery was doing this long before anyone in the USA had even heard of the Russian Kettlebell. You should probably listen to him when it comes to Kettlebell swinging.

Actually VF doesn’t recommend any of these variations mentioned above. His Kettlebell Swing concept is very simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or without careful consideration. He simply calls his “style” of Swing a Swing. Are you more confused yet? It’s ok if you are, as sometimes it takes a complete dismantling to build things back and make things right.

First of all, the Kettlebell was designed for one hand. Stop swinging a single bell with two hands. There are ideal mechanics of movement that allow for the most power and efficiency. Isn’t that what you want from this ballistic exercise? Safety is another consideration. Your max weight swinging with one hand might challenge your grip strength, but use two hands and you can really load yourself up to put your body at risk.

Most of the Swings Valery sees “experts” teaching are what he calls Primitive Swings. They are using old technology, or uneducated “natural reaction” Swings. What they are doing is not ideal. They are inferior to how he uses the Swing whether it be for Fitness, general conditioning or Kettlebell Sport. That’s what maybe bothers him the most, is out of marketing hype he feels you’ve purposely been confused. Equating his Swing to a “GS” Swing, or only for Girevoy Sport (Russian for Kettlebell Sport) Athletes is foolish. This is a complete marketing fiction designed to keep you from finding what we already know to be true. That is, the same Swing fundamentals that benefit the best in the world can benefit the average healthy individual no matter what level they are.

Swing Demonstration

Valery Fedorenko - Swing DemonstrationValery Fedorenko - Swing DemonstrationValery Fedorenko - Swing Demonstration

60KG kettlebell juggle for reps:

Valery Fedorenko - 60KG FlipValery Fedorenko - 60KG Flip

72KG kettlebell juggle:

Valery Fedorenko - 72KG FlipValery Fedorenko - 72KG Flip


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